Sung Hwan Kim: When Things Are Done Again

artist´s book series

b}Sung Hwan Kim (b. 1975, Seoul), in his practice, artist integrates video and performance art, taking on the role of director, editor, performer, composer, narrator and poet. By approaching his own work from all production angles, his pieces are infused with his own highly subjective vision. Collecting and collaging encounters, images, sounds, and objects from his changing domiciles of Seoul, Amsterdam and New York he portrays his world with lyric complexity.

Catalogue is published in the occasion of the exhibition Sung Hwan Kim:
A Still Window From Two or More Places
20.02. – 09.05. 2010
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English edition
Authors: Sung Hwan Kim, dogr (aka David Michael DiGregorio)
Editors: Markéta Strnadová
Distributor: (
City: Prague
Year: 2010
ISBN/ISSN: 978-80-8725
Price: 200 CZK (8 €)

Czech/ English Edition
Prague, May 2010
ISBN 978-80-87259-05-4
texts by Sung Hwan Kim and dogr (aka David Michael DiGregorio)
graphic design by Sung Hwan Kim and Adéla Svobodová
Softcover , 141 x 210 mm
photos, collages, drawings
exhibition catalogue