Posters by Post

tranzit publication - special projects

the poster medium will be combined with the artist’s option of using one side as his or her catalogue

the first of them is a poster of Czech young artist Katerina Seda, the winner of Jindrich Chalupecky 2005 award

the first poster includes a sticker with which you can adorn the spine of your folder that will hold the 3 or 4 artist posters we will produce each year

you can order the posters or cancel future orders at

tranzit posters by post:
visual conception: Vít Havránek, Petr Babák
graphic layout: Petr Babák, Laboratoř (
box: Studio Činčera (

1. Kateřina Šedá
January 2007
2. Jiří Skála
June 2007
3. Miklos Erhardt
January 2008
4. Zbyněk Baladrán