Pavel Humhal: Osobní a veřejné (Personal and Public)

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Pavel Humhal (born 1965) is a visual artist working predominantly with the media of objects and installations. He’s interested in spatial solutions, the staging of situations and their records derived from real sociological or psychological findings and research. Humhal studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague until 1989 when he transferred to the monumental works studio. He’s the co-founder of the group Pondělí (1989–1992). Humhal has worked at the MXM Gallery, Jiří Švestka Gallery and Karlin Studios. In addition to his own artistic and pedagogic activities, he also a member of the board of directors of the Václav Špála Gallery exhibition council.

Humhal’s book Personal and Public is another publication in the Navigation series, focussing on the writings of contemporary Czech artists. The author describes and interprets in it not only his own works, but important works of a number of important contemporary artists. He endeavours to grasp and describe the basic strategies of contemporary art, yet his writing can also be enjoyed by a reader not so rehearsed in this field. He poses a number of questions related to this, and seeks their answers in the broader context of the global culture. He inquires into the meaning and role of art in contemporary society.

Czech edition
Authors: Pavel Humhal
Editors: Vít Havránek
Distributor: KOSMAS
Design: Petr Babák and Jan Matoušek (laboratory)
City: Prague
Year: 2008
Pages: 158
ISBN/ISSN: 978-80-8725-00-9
Price: 170 CZK (6€)

The publication was supported by Ministery of Culture Czech Republic