laboratoř, catalogue, 2002 - , cut-up posters, size 418 x 582mm


Cut-up posters size 418 x 582mm issued for the laboratoř (graphic studio) exhibition in tranzitdisplay gallery.

Catalogue for the exhibition of the Laboratoř graphic studio at tranzitdisplay gallery.

The catalogue of Petr Babák’s “Laboratoř” graphic studio is being published upon the occasion of the
fifth anniversary of one of the most progressive studios at present.
The catalogue’s concept does not follow the traditional form of an “overview”; instead, it rejects a linear perception of the displayed works, which, thanks to the chosen form, it randomly presents in new relations. The visual material is supplemented by texts written by Vít Havránek and Kateřina Nováčková, and a bibliography is included.
The catalogue has 12 colour versions and belongs more to the "artist book" category. Each catalogue also contains a separate, inserted poster.

Czech/English edition
Authors: Kateřina Nováčková, Vít Havránek
Editors: Vít Havránek
Translated by: Ivan Gutierrez
Distributor: KOSMAS
City: Prague
Year: 2008
Pages: 127
Price: 400 CZK (16 €)

Special Notes:

editor Vít Havránek
texts: Kateřina Nováčková, Vít Havránek

Czech/English edition
first published, Prague 2008
ISBN: 80-903452-7-1
186 pages, 14,5x21cm
special cover, twelwe colour variations
concept and design: Petr Babák (laboratoř)
distribution by Kosmas (