Hoří chemička, něco si přej | book launch with authors Bára Bažantová and Michal Karvay

The book "The Chemical Plant’s Burning Down, Make a Wish" will be launched in the Hraničář Hall in Ústí nad Labem at 17:00 on Saturday 8 October. / cz /

In September 2021 the artist and social worker Bára Bažantová together with the anthropologist Lenka Podroužek Polčová moved for one month into the Libuše Community Centre, based in the Janov housing estate in Litvínov. During this time Bažantová kept a diary, which then formed the background for her book

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Palárikova Street - 120 Years Together

sk /

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the foundation of Zehnhaus Colony on Palárikova Street in Bratislava we want to look at the Colony’s history, architecture and community. On October 7 and 8, 2022, in and directly on the Palárikova´s street we will open a discussion about its potentiall and we will also create opportunities for the residents to become involved in the urban planning and community development of this street and its surroundings.

Public Discussion / October 7 from 6:00 p.m., Beskydská 12

Birthday Party / October 8 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., courtyards on Palárikova Street

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Lectures on the Weather

Performance and fieldwork / ro /

Contributors: Sandra Muteteri Heremans, Klara Hobza, Alina Kleytman, Anna Olszewska, Goda Palekaitė, Delia Popa
Curator: Anna Smolak

Save the date: 30 September 2022, 13:30-21:00h
Where: Siliștea Snagovului and surroundings, Romania (various locations)

Just after the summer ends, around the Siliștea Snagovului village and the Snagov Lake, in an itinerary taking us to the Experimental Station for Research, where a group of friends created an experiment for a future that we can still shape, to the Dolce Vita boat and to Ceausescu’s palace, to an anonymous bridge and on a bus guiding us from nearby Bucharest, six artists, scientists and activists will choreograph lecture-performances seeking out different vantage points from which to open up a view of a fragment of the rapidly changing landscape.

Lectures on the Weather evokes unexpected solidarities and complex affairs (human, gender, interspecies, post-human). These emerge out of conflicted zones and inhabit transitory spaces. They voice the feminist perspective: the shift from traditional structures to self-organized, horizontal movements and networks; from silence to voice and sound acting, from absence to emergence. They acknowledge the radicality of the emotional and the vulnerable amidst (and against) the intensifying pressures of the public present.

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Petra Feriancová: Porifera

Study room project / sk /

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Anthropomorphic Trouble

Artists’ talk /performance by Goda Palekaitė & Adrijana Gvozdenović / sk /

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I as it, or stones that vibrate

Exhibition at / sk /

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Decolonial Europe. An antiracist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist feminist approach

Lecture by Françoise Vergès / Q & A: Ľubica Kobová and Zuzana Maďarová / sk /

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разом – razom – together

Project by Office Ukraine in cooperation with FLUC. / at /

IN DER KUBATUR DES KABINETTS - the art salon shows on Thursday September 8, from 9 PM:

разом razom together

with artworks by Alina Haieva & Karina Haieva, Alexandra Kadzevich, Maryna Shtanko and Socia Collective

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Now the Impulse is to Live! Edition Sofia

ro /

An exhibition organised in the frame of the project C4R (Cultures for Resilience), by, in collaboration with Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée (FR), Casco Art Institute (NL), Nethood (CH) and in partnership with Toplocentrala (BG).

2 – 17 September 2022
Toplocentrala, 5 Emil Bersinski Street, Sofia, Bulgaria
Opening: Friday, 2 September 2022, 6 p.m.

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Anatoly Belov

artist in residence September - October 2022, Ukraine /

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2nd edition: Science, State and Society / ro /

31.08 – 04.09. 2022
Location: Câmpu Cetății, Mureș County

The second edition of the yearly summer school Ecologies of Emancipation, organized by at Câmpu Cetății, Mureș County, will take place between August 31 and September 4, 2022 and will have as guiding theme the contemporary relations, tensions and interdependences between Science, State, and Society. As usual, the school aims to provide a meeting space and a catalyst for friendly but also qualified discussions between some of the most promising and relevant current research projects and theoretical perspectives from the broad field of social sciences, as so many potential resources for critique and political positioning in today's world.

This year’s edition aims to question the many faceted relations between science, state and society, as a crucial issue whose actuality can be declined on (at least) three axes: in our recent and ongoing past, as the particular modern constellations of science, state and society articulated by the political regimes and social formations of our last century; in the immediate present, as evidenced and dramatized in our current pandemic context with its political instrumentation of science and its corresponding growing social mistrust in both official science and politics; and finally, in our already present future, as the great reshuffling of the relation between science, society and politics urgently demanded by the climate crisis.

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Hoří chemička, něco si přej | book launch with authors Bára Bažantová and Michal Karvay

The book "The Chemical Plant’s Burning Down, Make a Wish" will be launched in the Hraničář Hall in Ústí nad Labem at 17:00 on Saturday 8 October. / cz /

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Biennale Matter of Art Prague 2022

The second edition of the international exhibition organized by / cz /

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Center and Periphery: Cultural Deserts in Eastern Europe

A two-year project organized by in collaboration with OsloBiennalen as a part of the activities of the Biennale Matter of Art. The project is funded through the EEA and Norway Grants. / cz /

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tranzit. hu’s international magazine on art and culture / hu /

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mutual education format / sk /

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