Exhibition Opening
Exhibition Opening
Exhibition Opening


The first phase of the Curatorial Dictionary, a long-term research project, was launched and presented with a two-day exhibition in December 2013, at Mayakovsky 102, the open office of in Budapest.  The exhibition featured an installation of six video interviews. The interviews were made with individuals working in the contemporary art field in Hungary and Eastern Europe, who reflected through their own projects on  some of the concepts and the framework  of the dictionary. The interviews are also preparations for the next phase of the project, when we plan to differentiate the dominant, “international” curatorial discourse with practices and reflections from various cultural positions, which are frequently missing from this discourse. 

Participants of the video interviews are Barnabás Bencsik (curator, Budapest) Szabolcs KissPál (artist, Budapest), Hajnalka Somogyi (curator, Budapest), Attila Tordai-S. (curator,, Cluj), Jelena Vesić (independent curator, writer, Belgrade), and Raluca Voinea (curator,, Bucharest).

Video interviews and exhibition concept by artist David Karas, artist and designer Imre Lepsényi, and curator Eszter Szakács

Videos presented at the exhibition, with English subtitles (with the click on CC)


Jelena Vesić (independent curator, writer, Belgrade)


Barnabás Bencsik (curator, Budapest)


Attila Tordai-S. (curator,, Cluj)

  Hajnalka Somogyi (curator, Budapest)


Szabolcs KissPál (artist, Budapest)


Raluca Voinea (curator,, Bucharest)